Gerry Boretta
Photographic Artist


My job as a speech pathologist involved teaching students new and more effective verbal communication skills.  Currently, I am growing my own understanding and use of the visual language of my photography.  Rather than capturing reality as I have done in the past, I am pursuing abstract images with movement and darkness and light that evoke an emotional response in myself, and hopefully in the viewer.  This is often a frustrating process, but it is also joyful and exciting.


Uncovered – Artist’s Statement

There is logic and structure underlying the design and composition of art, and there is serenity in balance.  Composition guidelines and rules are powerful and useful but, when followed blindly, restrict the experience of joyfulness and discovery.

I am drawn to darkness, light, water movement and reflection in landscapes.

My overall goal is to abstract extremes of light, colour, shape, and line to uncover unexpected balance and harmony.  This goal is achieved when I experience an emotional response to an image.  Currently, this occurs at the moment I recognize the features of my relationships in aspects of my art e.g., darkness, light, softness, clarity, sharpness.

My process begins by first leaving out of a composition those objects that detract from the subject; then identifying and abstracting elements that most draw me into the image.  Recently I have been exploring the freedom of stepping beyond just identifying what exists in the image.  By using camera movement as a brush, it is possible to place elements of shape, light, and colour in the frame, as if the frame were a canvas.

In the image for this exhibit, titled ‘Reflections’, freedom is explored and extended further by selecting elements and duplicating or placing them in positions in the frame to enhance the image structure and feeling of completeness.



Discovery – Artist’s Statement

These images were created with camera movement.  Images created with movement are abstract and often free of traditional composition conventions.

The creative process in this series was one of selection and discovery: first learning to see and select subject matter with extreme areas of darkness and light, and then learning which to select when beginning the process of moving the camera.  The art is in selecting which type of movement to use, and in placing the darkness and the light in the frame by using the camera more like a brush than a lens.  While creating this series I discovered the effect and power of light, even when surrounded by intense black, and I discovered the freedom of creating images without regard to ‘rules’.

Images in this series are of found objects and were created indoors in natural light.

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Curriculum vitea

Group Exhibits

2018       “Outlooks – No Kittens, No Kardashians”, Langley Art Gallery, Langley, BC

2018       “separatum imaginibus” Capture 2018, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

2016       “Guess Who?” Steveson United Church, Richmond, BC

2015       “ArtRich” Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

2015       “Guess Who?” Steveston United Church, Richmond, BC

2015       “RPC Members’ Works” Richmond City Hall Galleria, Richmond, BC

Awards & Honors 

2015      CAPA Service Medal